Technical SEO – How Good Are You?

I don’t know why I’m writing this! What for?

Before jump into the deep water, kindly note that I’m technically a non-technical person and the following are fully my personal thoughts – may differ from others.

Most probably due to my huge disappointment from feedback that I’ve received so far from the people surrounding me while understanding the technicalities of SEO.

Most of them don’t have proper understating – about SEO. Not surprisingly, they didn’t felt the need to understand even the level of complexity lying behind building back-links. That said, building link is important however fixing issues with a domain will have much more value.

There are distinct differences in between traditional SEO and technical SEO.

We, the so called experts do know about the differences however trying to stay aloof (or deliberately ignore to certain extent) from focusing on technical parts.

I suppose, for pretending yourself as a webmaster, you must have the following skills to certain extent –

  1. Analytical skill with data mining ability
  2. Knowledge of HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Ajax functionality etc.
  3. Knowledge about server configuration and its operation
  4. Website architecture and UX designer
  5. Marketing and sales

You may or may not have in-depth knowledge about all however one must have understand the methodology playing behind the symphony fairly enough. Otherwise orchestra won’t receive the momentum.

Over a last few years or so, SEO has evolved to great extent. So, expertise on building back-links will surely have no more useful. Especially if you would like to sustain your identity in this dynamic world legitimately then necessary modulation do required.

If you remain to be a traditional – then need not to worry about the changes happening onto the web. Just change your designation from webmaster to dull link builder.

On the other hand, technical SEO means you have to coordinate with the team – from SEO to telesales executives. Need to point out every possible little pieces of the puzzle that lay out by search engines.

This is a fact that, most of the successful SEO has specific technical knowledge. They either have programming background or adequate knowledge of server operating system or designing background.

Without these technical skills it seems difficult to sustain your existence as a true SEO professional any more. Otherwise technically non-technical SEO’s will dominate the market and keep continuing with hodgepodge the process.


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