How to Create Conversion Optimized Landing Pages?

Conversion optimized landing pages – from ideas to reality!

The equation..

{Landing pages} › {Dull performance}


{Any optimized landing page} › {Performance get sharpen}


{A conversion optimized landing page} › {Perfect for your online marketing strategy}

Optimize Landing Pages for Conversions

So, crafting a conversion optimized landing page based on multiple testing is the first task and using the performance data to track the progress in digital space will be the next.

Continue with your testing work until you reach at the optimum level and whenever the filtered data will start declining..

⇝ Resume with the experiments

⇝ Simple calculative risks for sustaining your online marketing strategy

Not taking a risk is also a risk. ~ Whoever said.. correctly said.

So to make things even better, don’t afraid while examining the efficiency of any landing page.

Where to begin?

↳ Define the objective of the landing page first

↳ Search for the competitors’ site to get the basic ideas clearer

Notable points while finalizing the outline –

↳ Design

↳ Content (both text and multimedia)

↳ User experience

Factors for ensuring a conversion optimized landing page –

↳ One clear call to action button

↳ Compelling content – help visitors make the informed decision

↳ Testing – often small changes have big impact on conversion rate; so test, test, and test

Search engines –

↳ Distribute targeted keyword strategically (and logically too) on various page elements like <title>, <meta description>, <headings>, <content>, <url> etc. without distracting visitors from the main objective behind creating the landing page.

↳ Higher ranks ⇒ More clicks on search results page against targeted keywords search ⇒ more conversions

Social media –

↳ The English word courage formed from Latin word cor, meaning heart!

↳ So, encouraging visitors to share the page on social media help bringing more quality traffic.

↳ More quality traffic ⇒ More conversions

Tracking (and tagging as well) –

↳ UTM ⇒ Urchin Traffic Monitor

↳ I personally prefer Google’s URL Builder tool – it’s FREE and needless to say anything about Google Analytics.

↳ To track any page for any purpose, using URL Builder is good enough and then recording their movement through Analytics is must needed work for evaluating the page’s performance and determining the action plan for future.

↳ Side-by-side, setting up goals and conversions and regular monitoring will give you some more insights on how, when and where to tweak a landing page?

X factor –

↳ Last but not least, keep your cool. Holding your patience could be vital as the process of crafting a conversion optimized landing page is not an easy task and testing-analyzing-executing-calculating-retesting would become tedious soon.

So, doing work with keeping a smiling face do only good for you while accomplishing the task. After all, you’re not doing it properly if you’re not enjoying your work!


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