SEO Q&A – Common SEO Questions Answered

Before start doing SEO (or even thinking about it), understand what actually SEO refers to?


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So, a few common SEO questions to ask..

  1. Does this web page understandable to you both within a certain period?
  2. Does this page have unique <title>?
  3. Does the URL of this page portraying the subject matter clearly?
  4. Does this page’s content 100% unique and informative?
  5. Is this page a duplicate of any other internally (from within the site)?
  6. Is this page a duplicate of any other page externally (from outside the site)?
  7. Is this page returning a valid HTTP response code?
  8. Is this page easily discoverable?
  9. Have you find difficulties while digesting the data?
  10. Have you find difficulties while opening the page from multiple devices?

Once you’ll able to get honest answers to these common SEO questions, soon you’ll start understand that, SEO is only the beginning of your journey!

I believe, self-help is the best help, and the solutions are lying deep inside. See below the answers to commonly asked SEO questions..

  1. Google Analytics code is missing
  2. Google and Bing Webmaster Tools verification yet to be done
  3. Think separately about optimization of images and videos
  4. Scope for code optimization
  5. Scope for user experience (UX) improvement

This is just a quick guide to do right things with your SEO effort – remove unwanted elements and focus on the most profitable areas!


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