The Word “Free” in Advertising

The word “FREE” has great impact on any successful promotional campaign – both online and offline. This is a realization from my own experience that people often attracts to the word “FREE”.

The Power of the Word Free in Marketing

As a matter of fact, marketers/advertisers are usually use this term for sales and marketing of a particular service/product. It’s a fact that, irrespective of their socio-economic condition, age and demographic, people get easily attracted to the “FREE” offer.

That said, the term “FREE” is dangerous too and if not handle with care then, it could ruin your effort. After all, businesses have to generate positive ROI for sustaining their existence. Everybody have to think about it strategically while competing with others providing “FREE” services.

Maintaining creativity while chalking out a marketing/sales strategy around the term “FREE”, is the key for success. Think about how to convert/sustain your reputation by drawing attention using the word “FREE”!

Please note, nothing is “FREE” in this world! It’s just an illusion caricatured time-to-time by marketers for the fulfillment of their own purposes.

Feel “FREE” to add comment on this!



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