Legally Illegal Business

Here, I’m sharing my own thoughts on infringement of copyright – its about illegal copying of intellectual content..

Anti-piracy & Copyright Infringement

Copyright infringement types..

1) Books

2) Music and films

3) Software and games

Causes of copyright infringement..

1) Missing adequate level of public awareness

2) Mismatching demand-supply ration

3) Weak intellectual property right

4) Shortcut for making money

5) Cost involvement in accessing legitimate work

Aftermaths of copyright infringement..

1) Increasing amount of duplicate content

2) Creativity is facing disastrous destiny

3) A frail cultural society is inevitable

Solutions to copyright infringement..

1) Proper training for the property owners

2) Public buzz (both online and offline)

3) Introduction of strict rules and regulations

4) Noticeable punishment for all convicted by the department of law

5) Cooperation in between all the major stakeholders for the sake of transparency in process

Facts about digital piracy..

Figures like Netflix and Warner Brothers admitted that, keeping track of piracy is one of their strategies to make more informed business decisions.

Notes on anti-piracy..

Higher piracy means more eminent market potential. I’m not in favor of piracy by any means however would like to counterattack the pirates keeping the above facts in mind.


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