Why Changing Link Colors with CSS are Important?

Four different situations where styling web links with CSS are..

  1. a:link
  2. a:visited
  3. a:hover
  4. a:active

Set link color using style sheet in HTML – it definitely has an impact over conversion. This is how..

On a typical product page of any eCommerce site, users may face difficulties what categories they have already visited and what they haven’t especially when the page has too many links.

Notes on Suggesting Link Styles

I suppose, if we can use different color (or any other easily recognizable effect) for differentiating between active and visited hyper-texts, then it will be much easier for users to surf on and around the website pages.

The users must not visit a single page again and again only because s/he has not bothered to remember which pages from the lot already visited. This way, we will protect them from annoying with the site and encourage them for staying longer with the site.

That means a good chance of reducing both “bounce rate” and “exit rate”.. and ultimately help improving ROI.

Now I suppose, one can realize the importance of changing HTML link colors with CSS!


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