Web Form Design, Development, and UX

Focus on first form field..

This is another way to make life easy for users to certain extent. I mean, just think about a HTML form – users now must highlight the first field within the form in order to start filling-up.

Web Form Design Best Practices

If we set the HTML code in such a way so whenever a user logs into a page containing form, the cursor does automatically set focus on the first text field and users can start filling out the form straight away – saving a few milliseconds.

Not only that, set the form fields based on tab order. I mean after completing the first field, pressing tab key will focus the very next field within the form – saving a few more milliseconds.

This can easily be executable by any HTML developer and will not required any manual action from users – may help us to speeding up the submission/conversion process.

Depending on the situation, we can employ all these while designing HTML forms.


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