Yahoo – Found 404 Not Found Error

An example of disengaging 404 error page..

Set Up a Custom 404 File Not Found Page

It’s Yahoo! Okay, here’s the story..

Check is returning 404 HTTP response code.

Basically it is a customized 404 File Not Found page – so far so good.

However, to me, the page is lacking one of the basic requirements.. no link to any other website pages or a scope for navigation through site search option so that visitors don’t feel hapless. Simply, less useful to me!

I suppose, this Yahoo! page is not a new-born and has quite a few link references all over web. Google is showing many results (ref:

Why Yahoo! is giving away user satisfaction? Is there any specific business logic or marketing goal.. curious to know. They’re not following their own way (ref:!

These kind of dead-end pages are not very good for crawlers as well (ref:

Customized 404 error pages have become the rule. But not in expense of usability.. applicable for both users and spiders.

So, please customize correctly your 404 error page!



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