SEO Standards – Do It Yourself

This is a post for those website owners who really want to know what they should know about SEO.

Most of the entrepreneur has a common goal – improving traffic and ultimately conversions through search engine marketing. This is fine until as a site owner you also realize the fact that, for better SEO and PPC results – your active participation is a must!

SEO Standards for Online Businesses

You just cannot ignore the effect of education. Then only you can understand how web standards improve SEO? Or why a standard-aware owner is essential for SEO industry growth?

As a novice, I feel that, one of the best approach is – do it yourself; of course with the aid of experts on specific subject matters from around the internet.

A step-by-step explanation of SEO standards for personalizing your experience..

  1. SEO is continuously evolving
  2. Search engines are also constantly upgrading their algorithm
  3. Being dynamic is the only static concept in SEM (search engine marketing)
  4. Web marketing is not voodoo – true digital marketers are not The Pied Piper of Hamelin Story
  5. You and your competitors are both working on same goal at the same time
  6. Focusing on link building – only when and where it matters
  7. Build your brand – utilize every possible way
  8. Prepare yourself first for the eligibility test and then think about the competition
  9. The concept of hiring agencies and paying for SEO and PPC services become effect less
  10. First user and then search engines – think like this
  11. Marketing comes first so a web marketer should be introduced within the team from the very beginning
  12. SEO is just getting bigger and better – many things are now under one umbrella
  13. Websites are built by customers – not any programmer
  14. Data analysis is a prerequisite
  15. Focus on both building user interface and enhancing user experience – must not blindly look for fixing website errors

Try to understand all these otherwise you’ll be beaten well before even participating into the race.

As a business owner, the more quickly you have the realization the more easily you’ll be able to adjust yourself during transition of mind.

The problem is – business owners have no (or very little) clear idea about the situation which is changing rapidly. The result – majority of them still believe it’s as easy as it used to be decades ago. And for business owners, that ought to be enough to select SEO services / hire agencies for instant result.

So take it or leave it!


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