Airtel 4G LTE Review

Airtel 4G LTE review..

Well, as I expected, at the beginning – it was really good.

I opted the 999 plan (10 GB @ 4G speed and after that unlimited @ 2G speed) – which costs me around Rs. 1100/month

I’ve downloaded John Ritter’s “Problem Child” movie series (size over 2 GB) through torrent – it took nearly 30 minutes or so!

Sounds good.. Oh man!

➲ Cons..

After 1/2 months of service, they have updated the “4G usage check” page and then it would become harder to find the details about exact usage data – no response from their CCD either

I repeatedly asked for paper bills from the very beginning – even got the assurance however not received anything after first month and later even not acknowledged by their CCD

After 10 GB (I mean once you’re done with their 4G limit) – just oh my god! Result is elementary – the 4G unlimited plans becomes easily to a limited plan; I mean one have to keep an eye always on the 4G limit – just imagine

I do not want to talk anything about the cost – simply too much expensive

I didn’t see more than 2 antennas that denoting connectivity – occasionally the third one appeared in my locality

Sometimes, I couldn’t even connect to their network – get automatically disconnected and I need to click on the connect button repeatedly in order to avail the service.

It’s too much relying on areas where you’re actually using their service – some areas doesn’t falling at all under their 4G service territory; how frustrating

Customers have less flexibility over selection of plans – after 5 GB plan, straight 10 GB; no option for customization

The 4G devices are basically made in china – sad but true!

I was such an idiot – after all its Airtel.

Its amazing when I look back and try to think what are the pros based on which I selected Airtel 4G?

I’m wondering – no pros as such in my mind as of now

It sucks!

Airtel 4G LTE.. sorry dear.


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