Think about Usability during Design Stage of App Development

Good user experience is built-in characteristic for bringing success to any app – the more usability your application has, the more likely it will be a winner.

UX Design for Mobile Apps

App user experience design process is critical – excellent usability is what separates successful apps from mediocre.

Given below are seven basic steps to create rich user experience for apps..

  1. User first.. Since user is the first word of UX, hence think always from user’s perspective and not from your marketing/selling point of view. After all, happy user is the breed who eventually generates ROI for your app otherwise simply, bye-bye!
  2. Keep it organize.. Analyze the route starting from scratch and up to end goal in order to tracing out the easiest way for accomplishing the app build-up task. Think about a flow chart or something comprehensive visual representation of a project cycle so that you could easily eliminate all the unwanted complexity around your app.
  3. Psycho-graphic analysis.. You cannot make it perfect however the goal should be – building an app as perfect as possible from both technically and non-technically. For that, you must conduct some extensive psycho-graphic study of your target audience – individuals or communities.
  4. As same as possible.. If you’re coming from print media or your app has a twin belongs to print media in form of newspaper, magazine etc. then, keep them as identical as possible otherwise users may easily get confused.
  5. Test, test, and test.. Before making the app live, check thoroughly its compatibility and portability across all possible devices – at least do it on majors otherwise any silly mistakes (often overlooked during development phase) could make users unhappy.
  6. Help me please.. Often see that, a user (more with any new user) is facing difficulty while not very familiar with the app interface. So, providing them a to-the-point guide or something like tip on each and every step could be a very good idea. This is especially helpful when you’re planning to launch a beta version of the app.
  7. When less is more.. Keep the whole thing simple. Make the whole thing more user friendly by staying within your limitations and budget. Try to avoid unnecessary complexity. Don’t try to over-optimize anything. Otherwise the blessings could become curse on your app.

UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) are both equally essential to create a beautifully designed app with easy to understand functionality.

As the web is maturing progressively with mobile devices and technologies are evolving rapidly, so the creating engaging mobile experience is now become a necessity.


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