Gmail: Undo Send Feature

Gmail’s “Undo Send” feature is just awesome!

Well, usually my English is good. However most of the times, after clicking the send button, I see typos (incl. grammatical errors) within my emails. Quite odd.. 😦

I often failed to notice those blunders while writing since the primary concentration remains on the topic and not on typing. Sadly, all those silly slip-ups are being overlooked due to unnecessary rush.

Watching my own mistakes haplessly is so frustrating. I wish I could have withdrew those.

Then the “Undo” timers feature comes as a gift to me from team Gmail. Simply, it gives me the opportunity to stop sending messages until I can take back some part of my email. Now, I’m in more comfort zone while writing emails without thinking much about any other things. I’m enjoying the privilege of editing the messages even after click the send button.

Did you know that every single Gmail users can undo a sent e-mail? Just go to Gmail Labs, enable the “Undo Send” feature and enjoy. This is now let you undo sending an email up to 30 seconds later.

Feeling luckier as a user ever since undo send enabled in Gmail! 🙂


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