Web Form Optimization

How to enhance the web form submission usability?

Small customization over form fields (or input fields) will help to receive accurate info from the users..

Optimizing Web Forms

Input level 1..

{More correct data (Genuine leads)} › {Less frustration for all (Good web experience + Consistent ROI)}

Input level 2..

{More form automation/customization (Time saving process)} › {Less chance for users doing mistakes (OMG! Another long dull form)}

Input level 3..

{Less typing (More chance of getting accurate user information)} › {Lesser time investment from users on form submission process (Low maintenance/optimization cost + Successful re-marketing campaign)}


{Form field optimization} › {A good user interface design} › {Keeping the users happy!}

There should be dozens of tips and tricks on HTML form optimization however these are some of my favorites while working on form conversion rate optimization process..

Tips on Web Form Optimisation

  1. Automating the data input process – less typing means more chance to get correct user info.
  2. Allow only numbers for fields like phone, fax, postal code etc. – also restrict the fields to limited amount of numbers
  3. Break-up the form fields into logical sequence with a distinct mark – only for necessary ones
  4. Align the form field with their corresponding value correctly – users must see a text-box besides first name, select options for date, text-area for comments, check-box for optional selection etc.

Effectiveness of these suggestions on HTML form fields to match user expectations.. depends on the actual scenario.

{Form fields formation} + {Input fields usability} › {True form optimization}

The focus should be on data driven optimizing the design and usability decisions of HTML forms for easier submission by the users in order to increase form conversion rate!


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