How Web Hosting Affects the SEO?

How to select a SEO-friendly web hosting service? Here I’m sharing my own understanding..

Understanding the Different Types of Web Hosting

Types of hosting server..

  1. Shared Hosting: The site is being hosted on a shared server platform. Good for site’s which hasn’t much traffic and don’t need a lot of bandwidth
  2. Re-seller Hosting: This is kind of smaller version of shared hosting and good for any start-up project. The available resources are very limited with this plan.
  3. Cloud Hosting: Becoming very popular among a lot of people because of it gives you ability to upgrade plan from client interface depending on site usage and growth.
  4. VPS Hosting: Greater than shared or re-seller hosting (in terms of bigger better platform) and could be a good solution if one has budget limitations. VPS stands for virtual private server.
  5. Dedicated Servers: This is the best if we’re considering high performance and tight security.

Selecting the right hosting service doesn’t guarantee anything, however it is important to consider during SEO to avoid any serious damage as a consequence.

Things to consider while selecting any web host..

  1. Determine your own need
  2. Find customer reviews from reputed sources
  3. Review plans and pricing details
  4. Examine their customer support service
  5. Check flexibility in case of plan up-gradation (any guaranteed up-time)
  6. Location of hosting company
  7. Details about server up-time/downtime
  8. Speed i.e. load time (..UX)
  9. Frequency of server up-gradation and info about used plugins like, URL Rewriting modules
  10. IP address of the server
  11. Find out if any bandwidth limitations or anything else such as limited email accounts are there or not

So, we need to be extremely cautious while selecting a host and the decision should be based on above points and not only on one or two like, price or reviews in order to strengthen our chances to become successful in SEO!


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