Optimization Checklist for PPC Campaigns

Before launching any pay-per-click campaign, I do prepare a checklist. Breaking down the tasks into small segments (like, daily, weekly, monthly etc.) of checklist makes my PPC campaigns easily manageable.

I do perform more or less same PPC tasks for all projects. Obviously I have to be flexible (based on projects performance and improvement) while working on around the pay-per-click checklist.

PPC Task Checklist

This is a comprehensive list of task items for paid search marketers – review rigorously before and after launching any PPC campaign and act accordingly.

Daily pay per click management tasks..

  1. Generating automated reports
  2. Keyword performance
  3. Ad performance
  4. Destination URL performance
  5. Search term performance

Weekly pay per click management tasks..

  1. Ad group performance review
  2. Campaign performance review
  3. Account performance review
  4. Bid readjustment
  5. Budget reallocation

Biweekly pay per click management tasks..

  1. Review geographic performance
  2. Review demographic performance
  3. Review PLA ads performance
  4. Review dynamic search ads performance
  5. Review of performance based on set label
  6. Refine keywords list
  7. Refine ad copies
  8. Redesign landing pages

Monthly pay per click management tasks..

  1. Conversion optimization
  2. Time segmentation (day parting)
  3. Historical data analysis
  4. Add negative keywords
  5. Using auction insights to compare performance

Set your goal and be patient – stay focus and believe in your own ability. Just feel the essence of pay-per-click management and decorate your own custom pay-per-click tasks for achieving optimum results!


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