Analyze Your Marketing Strategy for Search

One of the main strategies that can help online businesses build a successful identity on web is search engine marketing (SEM)!

My own search engine marketing (SEM) guide..

  • Research
  • Planning
  • Execution

These three are main areas for me to focus on and I can explain why I’m saying so? Because hope is not a strategy..

Develop a search engine marketing plan

Search engine marketing strategy has changed (and is continuously evolving) rapidly in the past few years. I have analyzed a bit and made my own step-by-step plan of action for the successful search engine marketing.

Define search engine marketing (SEM) first..

{SEM} › {Search engine marketing} › {A form of online marketing consists of optimization and advertising} › {SEO} + {PPC} › {Promotion (paid + organic) by optimizing the web presence to increase traffic}

Set-up goals and objectives for a SEM campaign..

{Conversion setup} › {Increase sales} › {Increase brand awareness (drives subscribers + gain followers)} › {Determine target audience based on psycho-graphic factors}

Do effective keyword research and analysis for SEM..

Gather data about estimated competition and projected traffic from the selected set of keywords

Check device specific performance reports in accordance with SEM campaign..

{Based on psycho-graphic analysis, select platforms accordingly} › {Desktop and/or smartphone and/or feature phone}

Pay per click advertising..

{Set focus on CTR} › {Improve ad rank and quality score} › {Increase relevancy in between ads, keywords, and landing pages}

* primarily for Google AdWords and Bing Ads

Search engine optimization..

{Inbound strategy} › {Focus on producing fresh, unique, informative content} › {Set local as well as global marketing strategy}

* mainly Google My Business and Bing Places for Business

Test and measurement in SEM..

Test with each and every efforts, analyze results, measure conversions and redefine the plan

Final words on SEM strategy analysis..

Design your own search engine marketing plan, create an effective way of execution the planned steps, and develop a custom journey to accomplish success!


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