Checklist for Auditing an AdWords Account

Doing constant AdWords account audits can help you to stay aware where your pay-per-click campaigns need improvement!

Systematic PPC auditing is essential for both – new as well as established campaigns..

Checklist for Auditing an AdWords Account

Need to remember one thing, too much changes with too many elements frequently might cause a complete disaster.

So keep balancing is the key – conducting an AdWords audit is an important process however not in expense of costs per conversion and return on investment (ROI).

I often follow the steps given below for auditing an AdWords account in order to have all the little pieces from my Pay Per Click campaign(s).

#1 AdWords Account Audit: Campaign Settings..

  • Follow the naming convention based on common themes
  • Divide campaigns based on goals – like separate campaigns on branded terms, remarketing, network settings etc.
  • Review settings minutely before making the campaigns live to avoid any unwanted overlapping
  • Actions taken on poorly performing entities – like paused/ended campaigns must not reopened/resumed without necessary adjustments into it
  • Extra cautious over bid and budget (incl. billing details) settings

#2 AdWords Account Audit: Ad group Settings..

  • Distributed thematically
  • Limit the use of keywords and divide them categorically
  • Usage of negative keywords

#3 AdWords Account Audit: Ad Settings..

  • Each ad group should have at least two different ad copies
  • Advertising guidelines has been followed
  • Ads are error free!

#4 AdWords Account Audit: Keyword Settings..

  • Match type configured appropriately
  • Eligible for ad auction
  • Scrutiny search term report
  • Observe quality score

#5 AdWords Account Audit: Landing Page Settings..

  • Relevant with ad(s) and keyword(s) – thematically matched
  • Appropriate for conversions – followed the best practices and industry standards
  • Eligible for browsing from different devices

#6 AdWords Account Audit: Conversion Settings..

  • Configured the conversion code(s) suitably
  • Linked-up with corresponding Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools profile
  • Setting up proper goals and funnels

This is my way to audit PPC campaigns. Insert check-boxes to make it an AdWords account audit checklist!

Regular checking will help you find the loopholes in your pay-per-click campaigns and performing quality audit work keeps the AdWords account running smoothly. After all, those AdWords account does have the revenue-generating potential!


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