Google PPC: 10 Early Mistakes

I know using pay per click (PPC) is an excellent way to drive traffic to the websites and earn revenue. Since the process is bit expensive, so need to handle with care.

It’s all about how much one knows and how smartly s/he can manage his/her Google paid search campaigns.

Avoid Common PPC Mistakes to Maximize Campaign Performance

Mistakes happen. Because that’s the way one can learn. No matter how foolproof was your marketing plan? Digital marketers are no exception. Unfortunately some silly mistakes could ruin all their efforts invested in building a successful advertising campaign. We all have to be ready with the alternatives and keep away ourselves from costly pay per click (PPC) mistakes when it comes to running Google paid search campaigns.

Below are ten valuable takeaways from many of my classic mistakes made as pay per click (PPC) marketer in my early days –

  1. Grouping keywords incorrectly or no thematic segmentation of keywords
  2. No strategic planning over keywords match type selection
  3. Ignoring the benefits of negative keywords
  4. Key decisions are taking arbitrarily
  5. Ignoring the power of brand terms and its effect on conversions
  6. Not specifying the campaign end date – means unsure about the life time of any campaign (or customer)
  7. Not considering A/B or multivariate testing results
  8. Giving no importance to competitor intelligence reports or any competitor analysis
  9. Pay per click (PPC) is a blend of pure art and science which requires skilled personal
  10. Become biased when fault lying within own process and not with others

I’m still trying to overcome some of these and trying to do some measured experiment while working. “I know everything” attitude will only harm your performance and not bring out anything positive from pay per click (PPC) campaigns.

So, how to optimize a pay per click (PPC) campaign? Well, I’m still searching for the perfect answer! Till then, own your critical and costly mistakes!


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