Google PPC – An Introduction

An introduction to pay per click (PPC) advertising..

Pay Per Click Advertising

So simple yet so complex..

{Successful pay per click (PPC) campaign} › {Better return on investment}

Ingredients of the equation..

  1. Paying close attention to account structure
  2. Choosing relevant keywords
  3. Writing engaging ads
  4. Building relevant landing pages with compelling content
  5. Tracking the campaign performance

So simple yet so beautiful..

{Pay per click (PPC) campaign} › {Combination of five fountains i.e., Account structure} + {Keywords selection} + {Writing ad copies} + {Designing landing pages} + {Conversion tracking}

{Combination of five fountains} › {Better ROI}

{Better ROI (return on investment)} › {Successful pay per click (PPC) campaign}

So beautiful yet so complicated!


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