How to Improve Ad Position in AdWords?

A brief overview of quality score, AdWords ad auction, and ad rank.

The formula..

{Ad rank} › {Max CPC bid} + {Quality score}


{Quality score} › {Outstanding ads} + {Great keywords} + {Relevant landing pages}

So, the revised formula..

{Ad rank} › {Competitive bid} + {High quality score}


There is another component that has been added while calculating ad rank every time before any Adwords auction take place.

the expected impact from your ad extensions and formats ~ Google

The more attractive ad format the more chance of getting clicks on SERP.

Clever and logical use of ad extensions and format..

↳ Higher level of relevancy + Improved click through rates + Probability of attracting (and fulfilling needs) visitors on SERP

↳ Ads are become more relevant to a user’s intent and context

↳ Users will be (most possibly) to respond to the ads

↳ Win-win situation (for both advertiser and searcher)

↳ Google is the best!


{Ad rank} › {Competitive bid} + {High quality score} + {Start using ad extensions to increase likelihood of improved CTR (ad performance)}

Google Adwords Auction Insights

A prediction about AdWords ad auction..

AdWords Auction and Ad Rank both have to be revamped frequently by Google to improve the overall PPC performance!


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