How is Quality Score Calculated in AdWords?

Quality score is a strong signal of Google AdWords success.. is that so?

The equation..

{Quality score} › {Estimated calculation of how relevant your ads, keywords, and landing page are}


{High quality score} › {Useful to someone searching for specific service/product} › {Happy customer} › {Easily finds exactly what s/he’s looking for} › {Great user experience}

This is now quite understandable that, how quality score influence your Google AdWords account and its direct effect over ROI.

An imagery about quality score..

Quality Score in Adwords

Great user experience can help you to earn high quality score!

{High quality score} › {More relevant ads} › {Likely to earn more clicks} › {Get higher position on SERP} › {Adds more success}

After all, AdWords is about accomplishing its intended purpose (i.e., generating positive ROI).

Quality score is on keywords, scaled from 1 to 10. AdWords system recalculates QS every time before ad auction to see whether the ad is eligible or not for appearing on SERP.

Determining quality score is dependent on..

  1. Expected click through rate of keywords
  2. Ad relevance
  3. Landing page experience
  4. Account history
  5. Association of keywords with ads
  6. Association of keywords with search terms
  7. Geo-targeting
  8. Targeted devices
  9. Network preference and performance over there

Poor quality score has adverse effect on..

  1. Ad auction eligibility
  2. Keyword’s actual CPC
  3. Keyword’s first page bid estimate
  4. Position of ad
  5. Qualified for ad extensions

Final thoughts..

{High quality score} › {Better ad position @ lower cost} › {Adds more success}

Since quality score’s influence over Ad Rank and CPC has already been proved, hence “quality score is a factor in Google AdWords” – this statement is undeniable.

Just keep in mind that stop thinking always about improving quality score!


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