How to Improve Quality Score in AdWords?

Search engine marketers knows very well that how important is improving quality score in Google AdWords.

Maintaining high level of quality score can uplift your ROI from PPC..

Google AdWords Quality Score Factors

Three ideas to boost your Google AdWords quality score..

  1. Use site extensions: Features like, sitelinks, call extensions, and location extensions. PLA’s (product listing ads) for ecommerce sites – not look like ads and a separate block incl. pricing details and product images makes them separate from others.
  2. Brand terms: Focusing on such keywords are low hanging fruits; lower maintenance cost (CPC) but higher return on investment (good CTR and great Quality Score).
  3. Benefit-feature model: Project the benefit for the searcher first and explain the feature later about the services/products you’re offering to the world through the ads! Use the word “FREE” very carefully as people tends towards free stuffs – as a result will just end up with paying only for clicks without any conversions from those clicks.

Click-Through Rate (CTR) is important and must be keep higher in order to improve the quality score and that’s it.

So, my suggestion is to check and understand quality score first and then go for evaluating you PPC campaigns performance!


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