Google PPC – 5 Keyword Strategy

How to do (or at least start with) keyword research for your pay per click (PPC) ad campaigns?

{Picking out the best keywords} › {Foundation of successful pay per click (PPC) campaigns}

Researching keywords that you can finalize for bidding to run a paid search marketing campaign (specifically on Google) is actually one of the toughest challenges I have ever faced.

5 PPC Keyword Research Tips and Ideas

Here I’m sharing my own understanding about keywords research, selection, organize and then manage them to maximize the potentiality of reaching target audience and finally conversions!

  1. Not to use too generic search terms.. Think from visitors point of view and try to visualize like they would – what would they type while searching. Evaluate all the considerable factors like, budget, search volume, competition level, search intent etc. while choosing keywords.
  2. Group keywords into ad groups.. A categorized division would help to simplify the whole campaign management task.
  3. Utilize the power of negative keywords.. A quick yet easy way to fix some issues with the keywords list based on performance/conversion data to maximize ROI.
  4. Take help of tools and technologies.. Use the privilege of having online free tools for getting insights on keywords while researching. Both Google and Bing have their own suggestion tool for researching on pay per click (PPC) keywords.
  5. Creating a list of keywords is obviously the first step.. Keep continuing with tests and optimization by refining the keywords list aside from other tweaks at ad group, campaign, and account level to acquire optimum results.

Bottom line is..

{Successful pay per click (PPC) campaign} › {Constant optimization (i.e., keyword research to look for new opportunities)}

Anyways these are the five key ways to build the most effective keywords list for doing profitable Google pay-per-click (PPC) campaign management.

I suppose, selecting keywords to run a pay-per-click marketing campaign is pure blend of art and science – one need to invest adequate time and patience for mastering PPC (which I’m still lacking for sure) on keywords optimization!


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