Google AdWords: 5 Ways to Improve Text Ads

Eventually, accomplishing the goals with AdWords campaigns comes down to landing page(s). However needless to say, the major hurdle on that route is to get the clicks first..

{Potential customers} › {AdWords ads (i.e., clickable messages)} › {Entering to the website}

Text ads, the simplest form of a clickable message, comprised of three essential parts..

1) A headline, 2) A description, & 3) A display URL

Every successful text ads might have some the following ingredients..

  1. Benefit first
  2. Feature second
  3. Clear CTA message
  4. Making use of numbers
  5. Intelligent introduction of ASCII characters

Consider these five tips carefully for creating successful text ads and of course to get the clicks!

Tips and Best Practices to Help Write Better Performing AdWords Text Ads

A few more angels on writing better text ads in AdWords..

  1. Establish trustworthiness – use quotations from reputed sources, authorized references etc.
  2. Project own USP
  3. Avoid over optimization (emphasizing too much on anything may have adverse effect)
  4. Stay simple yet unique by following the best practices
  5. Extensive level of testing before make conclusion

Count on these best practices while writing compelling and effective ad copies for Google AdWords campaigns.

Happy PPC-ing!


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