Google AdWords: 5 Ways To Control Costs

Steps to reduce the cost of advertising in Google AdWords..

How to Reduce Unwanted Clicks on PPC Ads?

Some of my favorite AdWords cost control techniques..

  1. Preparing a formidable negative keyword list and save money on valueless clicks
  2. With modified broad match (i.e., append a plus.. + sign to any terms) clicks are become more moderated
  3. Fine-tune user context i.e., right combination of location + time + device ⇒ where, when, and which ad people will see
  4. Go mobile; separate optimization plan has to be place since mobile searchers have different intensity
  5. Always go with manual bidding and try to avoid any automated system for bid management

These are just five basic ideas to reduce AdWords spend.

Additional notes on Google AdWords cost reduction..

Don’t overlook the data.

{Raw campaign performance data} › {Analysis} › {Useful information about effective pay-per-click management}

Spend wisely.. reduce Adwords campaign’s cost and increase their profit!


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