Mobile PPC – 7 Takeaways from 1 Campaign

I’ve learnt a few important lessons from my first mobile device targeted paid search campaign failed completely on ROI front.

No Way

Let’s discuss about the takeaways from my first mobile PPC ad campaign..

  1. Not given enough time to get measurable clicks based on certain analysis for testing.
  2. Focusing too much on improving CTR and not taking any action on getting irrelevant clicks
  3. Ignoring the conversion data or even not bothered to setup it correctly before starting campaigns
  4. No parity in between bid and budget – wrong budget estimate implies improper PPC planning
  5. Afraid to test – calculative tweaking is absolutely necessary to run campaigns successfully
  6. Setting the bar too high or unrealistic goals makes the whole thing unnecessarily more complicated
  7. Periodic assessment of the process and reset the action plan accordingly is not much essential

Are you following mobile PPC best practices?


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