Writing PPC Text Ads – How To Guide

Effective ad copy for PPC campaign? Yes! It is required..

Ad Text Optimization (ATO) for PPC Ads

I’m talking specifically about text ads..

{Performance of an ad} › {CTR (click through rate)} + {CR (conversion rate)} + {CPA (cost per acquisition)}


  1. Low CTR doesn’t mean low CR
  2. High CTR doesn’t necessarily mean high CR
  3. Low CR does mean high CPA

So, these three are equally important when measuring the ads performance!

Basic requirements for writing compelling ad copies..

  1. Use the keywords logically into the ad copy
  2. Compelling text message
  3. Highlight benefit and then feature (USP)
  4. Use strategically the display URL
  5. Use URL builder tool for destination URL tracking

Don’t forget to test each and every element until reach the optimum level!



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