How to Do Keyword Research for PPC?

The goal is very simple though – running a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign and wants to reach my target audience at the right time.

For that, one need to first organize a list of keywords and keep on refining till s/he reach the optimum level. Here is how..

PPC Keyword Research Strategy

Finish the final segmentation of keywords..

  • Branded
  • Non-branded or generic
  • Related or semantic variations

Additional points to consider for selecting pay per click (PPC) keywords..

  • Follow the inverted pyramid style – means start with broad selection and then narrow down to the specific terms
  • Think from visitor’s point of view – what kind of terms would they prefer for searching
  • Include variations and typos (common misspellings) etc. aside from popular synonyms since people often mistype while searching – proof will be within the search-term report
  • Maintain the relevancy – should be in line with offered services or products
  • Try to combine multiple words using concatenation method and form new keyword for new opportunities

A ready-made pay per click (PPC) keyword research strategy..

Keywords grouping.. › Not too generic › Not too specific › Avoid competition › Maintain search popularity › Try to find out some long tails › Low hanging fruits with huge conversion potential

Bonus pay per click (PPC) keyword research tips..

Keep continue with expanding and refining the list with popular keyword research tools.

The finalized list must be sorted and organized well before launching the pay-per-click (PPC) campaign so that situation must be under control.

So, keep moving!


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