15+ Local Search Marketing Tips

Need help with local SEO to get more leads from search? Looking for SMB digital marketing guide? Okay. Let me help you gain more from your leftover funds for local search engine marketing.

I suppose this has been discussed somewhere before..

  • We the general people are very lazy
  • Often search with global terms and wants to see local results
  • This is a fact and applicable to most of the people i.e., their psychology

Simple strategy for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to speed up local SEO success..

{Higher rankings} › {More visitors} › {Increased sales}

Local SEO Strategies for SMBs

Local SEO is not at all a complicated procedure. Here is the 16-point checklist to improve visibility in Google’s local search results..

  1. Obtain a local physical address
  2. Verify the G+ page
  3. Remove the duplicate G+ pages
  4. Complete the as many info fields as possible in official G+ page
  5. Get the possession of a local phone number
  6. Select carefully the landing page for local promotion
  7. Select appropriate categories on G+ page
  8. Consistency required in terms of using business’s name and contact details
  9. Use valid and easy to recognize contact details
  10. Use Google maps for the official business addresses
  11. Write unique and informative content only
  12. The site must be open smoothly on all the devices
  13. List the business on other online (reputed) directories – under relevant categories
  14. Provide other social proofs and referrals
  15. Try to get original reviews and ratings from the visitors
  16. Do necessary on-page optimization (like mentioning the keywords and locations etc.)

Try to implement these however based on business and website types, may not be possible to implement all. Now I suppose, how Local SEO (Local Search Engine Optimization) really brings success for local businesses has been understood.


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