Local Search – Business Listings on Google, Bing

Local SEO is absolutely critical to local business and there is no doubt about that. But first thing first – for local SEO, you need to create and/or claim a local profile on both Google and Bing.

Improve Local Search Position in Google

Given below the list of suggestions on improving Google local position..

  1. On-page Optimization
    • Use the correct Geo-location in all on-page optimization.
  2. Local Submissions
    • Submit your website/business information to local data providers – ensure your business information on your website is accurate and consistent across all of these sources.
  3. Claim Google Places Listings
    • The ability to optimize your listing is only possible once it is claimed and verified by you, the owner.
  4. Optimize Your Local Listing Account to 100%
    • Ensure each of the below dots are optimized and completed.
    • Correct business information: Ensure name, address, and phone number on listing & website is correct
    • Categories: this is how Google knows what type of business you are.
    • Hours of Operation
    • Photos
    • Videos
    • Additional details..
      1. Update Place Page: Promote specials or events with specific calls to action
      2. Google Reviews Management Response: Respond to Google reviews via your Google Places account
  5. Encourage Online Reviews
    • It’s not so much about the amount of reviews your courses/centers receives, but the quality of reviews.
  6. Respond to Reviews
    • Not only will this result in higher trust, but it can also lead to return visitors/guests.
  7. Build Citations from Credible/Authoritative Sources
    • Online citations for your business are the equivalent to online referrals for your website.
  8. Cross-promotion
    • Ensure you cross-optimize and apply what works on your site to your Places.
  9. Local Listing
    • Promote successful packages
    • Promote most viewed/converting pages
    • Promote Social Media channels
  10. Google Boost/AdWords Express
    • Participate in their program to get some early traction to your local listing.
  11. Google+ Business Page

Try to improve the position in Google’s local search results.. it’s really important for SEO.

You can now manage your Google+ Business page within your Google Places dashboard, which means both are somewhat combined from a management standpoint.

For Bing Places For Business..

  1. Follow steps to add a new business first
  2. Complete the details about the local or small business listing
  3. Connect the listing with Bing maps
  4. Add photos
  5. Add associated web pages (if any)
  6. Verify the listing

For further details, one should visit Bing Places for Business page.

You now have some ideas about how to improve local search position in Google and Bing?

So, up, up, and above!


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