YouTube SEO – 10 Video Optimization Tips

Visibility varies with video optimization best practices..

I suppose video optimization for SEO may seem like a daunting task however one can get through it by working smart.

All we need to have clear idea about what should be done to optimize videos for web.

Video Optimization Tips

A growing realization..

{Video search} › {An integral part of web search} › {Video content is becoming more and more important now} › {Easy and quick way to reach out worldwide}

Below are a few video optimization best practices specifically for Google..

  1. Mark up video content: Provide information in more structured way to search crawlers
  2. Prepare and submit a video sitemap file: Provide more information to bots for better indexing
  3. Keep the setup up-to-date: Return proper HTTP response for all outdated content; set expiry date to videos as applicable
  4. Set quality image as thumbnail for the videos: This is important as the image is a summarized form of the actual video content and visitor’s first look at it does matter
  5. Avoid complexity while deciding content holder: Over use of JScript, flash, and hash tags may sometimes prohibit crawlers to identify the embedded object properly
  6. Go for video title and description: Write relevant metadata and be sure to include those appropriately in order to provide more information about the videos
  7. Give meaningful names to video and thumbnail image files: These should be keyword rich and well targeted to those search phrases from where you wants to drive traffic
  8. Be Creative while making the content: Don’t cheat with yourself and add only value to web – try to stay as innovative as possible
  9. Implement apt user experience design: Engage with your online viewers
  10. Employ Analytics data: Be sure to use the Analytics data to find out what is working (or not) and much more insights about all the videos

User experience (UX) factor in online video optimization to improve view..

If you’re able to provide great user experience, say, specific landing page with relevant content around the video, popular video player supports most of the video file types with attractive look-and-feel, retention of visitors become much easier.

Finally, take mobile video optimization techniques seriously to make better viewing experience for your users!


So, these are all my tips or techniques or best practices (or whatever you say) for optimizing videos to improve rank, traffic, user experience, and ultimately conversions.

Optimize videos for success – Good luck!


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