Image Optimization – Guide to Optimize Images

Finding clues.. how to optimize images for better search engine rankings?

Must Know Image Optimization Tips and Techniques for Web

Here, I’m sharing some of my favorite image optimization tips for web.

Image search is..

↳ An integral part of web search

↳ Another way to attract web surfers easily

So, following some best practices increase the chance of appearing higher on SERP (search engine results page)..

↳ Use proper coding structure for adding image object to a web document

↳ Use image alt attribute wisely

↳ Give appropriate names to the image files

↳ Select the anchor texts for internal navigation to those image specific landing pages carefully

↳ Those landing pages should have relevant content to support enough the images

↳ Must avoid any kind of copyright infringement – use only licensed copies

↳ Promote the images through photo sharing sites – apply captions and tags logically and,

Focus on improving user experience..

↳ Maintain quality of the images

↳ Place them properly at the respective landing pages

↳ Provide as much as possible valid information about each and every images

↳ Keep the images under a separate folder so that the entire site’s directory structure stay clean and the files could be easily reachable to crawlers for indexing.


↳ Please don’t refuse to acknowledge the brilliance of image optimization task for web

↳ Imagine first and then you’ll understand the true importance of following image publishing guidelines

↳ Remember, poor image optimization techniques often damages the SEO (search engine optimization) system

Special note..

There are more advanced ways to optimize images however following these basic image publishing guidelines will definitely help one to hold higher rank on image search.



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