Key Inbound Website Features to Lock Outbound Visitors

Stop website design/re-design and start thinking about how to build a true inbound-friendly website..

Inbound Marketing fundamentals

A few notable areas..

1) Define the acute objective behind building the website and analyze whether the website is reaching out to its target audience at all or not?

2) If no, then, what amends the situation? What has to be there in order to become a leader among competitors?

3) Once identified the loopholes, start patch-work immediately and try to figure out, upgrading which segment has responded most positively. Which step in website’s goal conversion funnel(s) need more attention?

4) Ask continuously, why some clicks remains as visits to the site and doesn’t converted? How to convert a visitor to customer to returning customer?

Have you done with optimization? Surely NO – so please don’t think about stopping your work.


Successful inbound marketing

↳ Proper classification of visitor and customer

↳ Right level of optimization

↳ Suitable goal conversion path

↳ Provide right information at right place

↳ Great user experience

↳ From visitors to customers to returning customer

This is my own understanding of inbound marketing best practices till now.



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