Website Launch Plan by A Designer

This is not a complete list by any means however reviewing the list only helps protect a successful launch to turn into a disaster later..

Optimization Cheat Sheet

Before launching the site, ensure that –

Content before design..

  • There are no silly writing mistakes like typos and spelling errors
  • Any lorem ipsum text must not exist
  • No copyright issue and used only original content
  • Double check pages like, contact details, terms and conditions, disclaimers, privacy and any other legal pages

Arguments: Content is the reason why users and crawlers are coming to you. Unfortunately, designers often overlook this in their way to create beautiful webpages.

User centered design..

  • Check browser compatibility
  • Favicon is appearing correctly or not?
  • 404 page setup done or not?
  • Redirections are placed properly or not?
  • Check the functionality of each and every form elements
  • Check for broken links

Arguments: When launching a website, designers neglect a number of things to examine – especially some important and necessary functional tests on websites that should be tested well before the official site release.

User interface design basics..

  • Alt attributes have been implemented?
  • Consistency has to be maintain while defining the navigation
  • W3C – html and css validation or at least rectify some of the basic errors
  • Backup plan is in place for flash/javascript elements
  • Responsive (i.e., device independent) design or not?
  • Page titles and meta tags
  • Keywords / entity search and proper their insertion via on-page elements
  • Look and feel – followed an optimized style guide?

Arguments: Designing web user interface is very much complex since it is the bridge in between the user and the experience. It is said that the first impression is last. So, UI design can make or break a website.

Plan before designing it..

  • HTML
  • XML
  • Separate for both images and videos (if applicable)

Arguments: Creating a sitemap at the beginning of web design process lets you to avoid a lot of hassles later. Investing proper time and money on building/maintaining sitemaps from very beginning will ends up with good design and less headache.

Design and performance optimization..

  • Page load time
  • Image optimization

Arguments: Measuring consistency in design and its effects over website’s performance and user satisfaction is essential. Good design is always the source of best performance.

Design for conversion..

Transform data › Information › Knowledge › Experience

Arguments: Analytics are a collection of data not obtained by asking users, but by analyzing their behavior. Design and Analytics are together makes the website beautiful and equally useful. In order to use the Analytics driven information appropriately, designers need to integrate their knowledge and experience while designing a website.

Design for security..

  • Protect sensitive data
  • Tight security over database and server hack

Arguments: There are a lot of risks in putting up a website. So need to protect site from hackers especially when designing work is in progress. Avoid complex set of security issues for website design from beginning to end.

Web design, hosting, and online marketing..

  • Plan details?
  • Details about the backup process?
  • Details about the server migration process?

Arguments: Engage your potential customers with a modern website that not only looks terrific but works in a faultless way and enhance the overall performance. Eventually, good web design compliments upright hosting and vice versa.

Now jet set go..

On-Page SEO Checklist

But don’t forget to keep back-up of important files and don’t ignore the importance of ongoing maintenance work!


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