17 Landing Page Design Best Practices

Designing a landing page is an easy task. However when conversion comes into picture, then a critical attitude is become a necessity while start crafting pages.

We need to maintain certain standards in order to covert traffic..

Landing Page Design Best Practices

Conversion optimized landing page design..

The goal should not be on design a “perfect” landing page rather focus should be on “better” landing page through continuous usability optimization.

{Landing page} › {Easy}
{Landing page optimization} › {Hard}
{Conversion optimized landing page design} › {First hurdle to make money from any digital marketing campaign}

Landing page design best practices..

I’ve found a handful of resources on landing page design best practices and applied strategically a few till date. Here, I’m sharing with you all what I use to follow.

  1. Avoid using headless headings
  2. Clear-cut distribution of benefit-feature model
  3. Employ only knowledgeable copywriters
  4. Clear way of offerings the products/services
  5. Hitting personal touch or emotional attachment
  6. Proper use of call to action (CTA)
  7. Use only copy-write protected images and videos
  8. Proper use of punctuation – avoid unnecessary/excessive use of “!!!”
  9. Avoid distractions.. too many offers ⇒ too much confusion
  10. Use trust seals logically wherever possible
  11. Remove irrelevant content
  12. Employ only professional and skilled designers
  13. Go for mobile
  14. Think about speed
  15. Project USP and promote its uniqueness
  16. Neither too much information nor too little copy
  17. Count on social sharing

Improve performance by considering these 17 quick landing page design tips.

Landing page design tips..

Do proper research work. Think like visitors. Define correct customer persona. Design attractive landing pages. Focus on usability optimization. Measure the performance data and do necessary makeover.

Custom landing page design..

Try to find out your own way of landing page design inspiration. Define your own set of conventions of designing an attractive and equally easy to use page.

Analyze the cost effectiveness of your custom lading page design process so that the business objective could easily be achievable – draw more and more targeted user’s attention and increase conversions!


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