Best SEO Tools for Webmasters

Internet offers a variety of free and paid online marketing software to webmasters.

The goal is common for most of the professionals behind using such online tools – to improve traffic and increase revenue.

This is become easier for us when a web property run with finest SEO tools to get comprehensive analytical reports during optimization process.

Best Online SEO Tools & Software

I too fond of such online SEO tools and often use them. Here I’m sharing five of my favorite SEO software.


↳ Graphical representation is cool especially the performance score at the top of analysis page in form of “top priorities”

↳ Clustered sections like “SEO”, “Mobile”, “Usability” with references from the site and their corresponding explanation and hints on fixes

↳ Free though limited version is available

HubSpot’s Marketing Grader..

↳ They completely justifying their name; I can feel the essence of marketing from beginning to the very end. The way they are marketing their own product/service behind offering you a free service, simply amazing!


↳ Simplest yet effective one.


↳ In case, the first 3 unable to deliver satisfactory data or need additional references, often this tool become handy.

& The Best One..

This is mine; my logic/gut feelings/instinct.. logical analysis based on my own understanding and experience.

The above 4 and many others would have several features to help one out at initial stage however I always prefer to rely on my own ability and take decisions based on my own understandings in accordance with technology!

Bonus Tip..

Follow consistently Google and Bing Webmaster Tools along with Yandex and Moz.



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