Digital Marketing: The Right Approach

Optimization is no-longer an add-on service – it’s an essential element in any digital campaign. Without an ingredient like optimization effort, I doubt, if anybody can able to cook a delicious internet marketing campaign.

Partners and Agencies with Digital Marketing Expertise

The hardest part is for me – prepare an estimate i.e., man hours calculation! How could somebody calculate SEO without knowing the exact marketing goal?

Let’s consider, the goal is to increase conversions. How many of the experts around us know about the types of conversion – I’m sure, not many.

Everybody is looking for success but no one really cares about investing time and money (adequate amount of resources) on optimization!

Moreover, when I’ve tried to pitch concepts like –

↳ 92:1 ratio

↳ Conversion rate can only be improved based on certain tests

↳ Successful brands are never afraid of A/B testing

↳ Invest money on web marketing campaign rather save in the bank

↳ Marketing plan should have digital flair

↳ Coordination in between digital team, developers, designers, writers, and sales team

– to others, they laughed-off. Without doing anything properly, how anyone can expect to see optimum results from a digital campaign?


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