5 Tips for Aspiring Digital Marketers

Development ideas for developing minds on developed skills..

What does SEO Consultant do?

Okay, I’m tired of being SEO (search engine optimizer). I want to become a CMO (chief marketing officer). No problem as such.

Only if I’ve the following must-haves..

1) Ability to think strategically; I mean enough sense to predict the movement of my surroundings

2) The fight in between quality and quantity; ability to take decisions at crunch times based on my analytical skill

3) Ability to set examples; ability to motivate myself as well as others – team work

4) Hunger for more by following the legitimate ways only and without sacrificing my social responsibilities

5) Above all, ability to communicate effectively

Okay, I don’t have any of these and now starting to develop the right skill sets for becoming a CMO.

Now, do I have SEO skill sets? Let’s check..

1) Writing ability – NO

2) Designing (UX and/or UI) – NO

3) Programming/coding/developing – NO

4) Testing – NO

5) Managerial skills – NO

Okay, now I got – I’m not even an eligible SEO!



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