SEO Services – Statutory Warning

Please be realistic while you’re working on and around any SEO (or PPC) service agreement – yes it’s really important! I’m telling you why so?

Search Engine Optimization Contract

Side effect of commercialization..

Actual optimization process consists of development and design with marketing. These are most important factors that impacts on site performance.

Then why a site owner is not willing to have a group discussion at the start of project say developing/redesigning a site? How a digital marketing agency owner is also reluctant to convince a potential client about the importance of such start-up meetings?

Rather, everybody is looking for an estimate – first effort estimate (i.e., packages or pricing details) and then everything! How could someone prepare a viable estimate (i.e., list of services) without knowing the goal – the KPIs?

The result is inevitable..

Unsuitable time calculation/estimation tends to some hasty decisions

↳ Allocation of improper resource and money on achieving some not clearly thought out goals within an impractical time frame

↳ A total hotchpotch

↳ Ideal scenario for mishap with a project

↳ Preset commitments (i.e., the project end goal) now become false agreement due to some unpredictable outcome

↳ Starts blame game among team members

↳ Client is unhappy about the services they got till start of optimization process particularly when they see vendor is asking more time/money etc.

↳ An abrupt end to a relationship (i.e., the project)

Statutory warnings..

↳ Compare marketing providers and their list of services

↳ Don’t get overwhelmed by claims such as “professional services” or “top company” etc.

↳ Study reviews and agency website(s)

↳ Examine how an agency understands your business objective and what additional value they’ll bring

↳ Analyze the pricing details

↳ Review the process

So, please be realistic and equally careful while agreeing on the terms and conditions for any digital marketing service!


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