10 Content Creation Ideas from A Content Marketer

Create compelling content without any clue..

Creative Writing Ideas

Challenge: Continuous creation of content
Role: Content marketer
Goal: Conversions through content marketing
Plan: Customer outreach by following the most common ways


Situation: No ideas how to write compelling content – no idea on where to start writing?

Solution: Following ideas were came from one of my colleague during our brainstorming on ways to create compelling content.

  1. Naturally, the first point is group brainstorming
  2. Question to subscribers & followers – what are their choices?
  3. Interviews or Q&A sessions with industry leaders
  4. Reviews and case-studies
  5. Share personal experiences – both good and bad
  6. Allow selective guests writers (essentially thought leaders) to write on behalf of you
  7. Use examples from live events happening around you
  8. Follow trends
  9. Video and podcasts of you on a topic
  10. Rewrite an old posts from altogether different perspective

Kudos to this infographic..

Just need to remember, don’t obsess over creating just content, do the right thing – focus on creativity and essentially your inbound marketing effort will flourish!


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