Image SEO – 15 Ways to Optimize Images

Importance of visual elements on human minds is simply unparalleled..

Image Optimization Techniques

Must know facts about image optimization..

The right image or graphic element (that you used on web) can entice your visitors to perform some desired action.

Computers are now getting smart in consuming multimedia content as well.

So I suppose, providing optimized image files now become essential part of overall optimization process in order to help search crawlers properly interpreted the images.

15 ways to optimize image files..

  1. Follow proper file naming conventions and rules
  2. Stay consistent with image quality
  3. Use alt attribute in a descriptive manner
  4. Organize file, folder, and directory in a logical way
  5. Standardize image file format
  6. Specify image’s file size and dimensions
  7. Use appropriate file extension
  8. Provide proper content and context for the file
  9. Choose the right position for image
  10. Apply correct HTML, JQuery, CSS etc. coding pattern
  11. Look for copyright issue
  12. Analyze the effect of image in design
  13. Consider memory/storage requirements for image processing
  14. Cautious over choice of color scheme – may result in poor user experience
  15. Images are to be device/platform independent

I believe, images can make or break any design..

{Design} › {Performance} › {Conversion}

Optimizing images for search in Google images..

Yes, I know, this blog is seriously missing visual elements till date and I’m now thinking about that point. May be I haven’t looked at it since I’m using the free WP blog interface and never seriously took my blogging habit!


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