CSS, Responsive Design, and Site Optimization

Yes! It’s true that optimizing responsive websites for performance is no longer an option – it’s now become foremost requirement..

Optimize CSS Delivery through Clean Code

Sites that use responsive web design are to be well optimized automatically to great extent across browsers and devices.

No time for users to review data so presentation format is become important in today’s world..

↳ Implies mobile/tablet optimized web presence is now inevitable compared to traditional design/development approach.

↳ One way to maintain URLs uniformity across devices is using CSS – CSS media queries.

↳ A media query helps us to specify the style of a web interface (conventionally a page) depending on the dimensions or type of ‘media’ that the property (read site) is being viewed on.

↳ Using CSS media queries are the best available option to make a site platform independent and utilize optimally from UI perspective.

Don’t forget completely about older browsers / technologies (those that are not falling favor of CSS media queries) to display site properly.


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