List of Most Popular Rel Attributes in SEO Community

HTML link tag, various rel attributes, and a short SEO cheat sheet..

How to use various rel attributes?

Rel attribute is supported by all modern day browsers and used by search crawlers to get more information about the entity on which the rel attribute has applied.

For telling search bots that don’t follow the entity..


For setting a preferred URL for my content..


For indicating paginated content..

rel=”prev” and rel=”next”

For language and international/regional URL declaration in line with hreflang..


For establishing content authority and linking with my G+ page..

rel=”author” and rel=”me” and rel=”publisher”

For assigning tags to easier understand the site structure and entity identity..


This is a good way of adding authority to web pages and major search crawlers will love rel attributes while extracting data about link tags.

Robots find easier to index the content and get back to the users against their queries more appropriately.


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