Backlinks in SEO: From Building to Earning Links

The flexibility of friction ridge skin means that no two finger or palm prints are ever exactly alike in every detail; even two impressions recorded immediately after each other from the same hand may be slightly different..

So, I suppose, possibilities of new articles are inevitable however only thing has to remember by any publisher that the intention should be wise behind publishing such content.

The fact that, web is evolving pretty fast in order to keep pace with technology advancements. As a result, surfing behaviors is also changing rapidly in accordance with search engines. Similarly, link building (i.e., acquiring back-links) process has been completely evolved.

Importance of Backlinks in SEO

The frequent introduction of Google updates has eliminated the effectiveness of traditional link building processes. So, SEOs perception has to change accordingly.

» What is backlink in SEO?

↳ Effective rank improvement on SERP

↳ Businesses were ready to pay money for link-building services

↳ Manipulation stars and SEOs forget about the real cause behind link acquisition

↳ Bidding war increases in between agencies and real value starts missing from their services

↳ End users start fuming

↳ Search engines took precautionary steps in form of algorithm update

↳ Reduced the effectiveness of old link building tactics

↳ Sudden traffic fall and other mismanagement comes up rapidly

↳ Businesses ROI get shattered

↳ Hire new services / SEO agencies start looking for new ways

↳ More in-depth research work become inevitable

↳ Cost increases

↳ Clients start questioning about the rise of project cost

↳ SEOs invented new spamming techniques in order to keep hold on clients instead of offering them real value added services and educate them about the actual scenario

↳ SEs are become more strict

↳ Eventually acquiring back-links are become harder

» How to generate quality inbound links?

  1. Forget about traditional way of building links
  2. Educate clients and don’t hide anything
  3. Build a dedicated and educated team like “A Team”
  4. Use technology and tools appropriately
  5. Focus on content marketing

So find back-links rationally, create inbound links aesthetically.. Otherwise it will become even more critical to retain a client account!


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