10 G+ Optimization Ways – Build Brands & Add SEO Values

One simple question.. how to optimize Google Plus profile and page for building brands? A few things that I’ve done recently on my G+ account..

Tips to take Advantage of G+ for SEO

These are all from my own realization and might have already followed by others..

1. Set one of my clear-cut headshot as profile picture instead of an old abstract

Point: Google is applying circular shape while trimming the image – so upload the profile image accordingly
Confession: Yes, I know, there is still some room for improvement for me

2. Set a matching cover photo as well instead of the old dull one

Point: An astute user (as well as G+ system) is critical enough for small details while reviewing the profile
Confession: I’m using G+ provided cover photo however planning to create a custom one

3. Claim your custom URL instead of using the standard version

Point: Do this quickly otherwise, someone else book yours
Confession: Yes, I was lackluster and as a result I’m still using something like https://plus.google.com/11223344556677889900 instead of https://plus.google.com/+ParthaSarathiDutta/

4. Starts focusing on extend my own circle legitimately

Point: Adding more genuine people means building overall trustworthiness and reputation
Confession: Way to go!

5. Now become more proactive on G+

Point: Adjust profile settings based on available visibility and sharing options
Confession: Yes, I’m still playing around with sharing features according to my own choice and preferences

6. Completed my incomplete G+ profile

Point: The more valid and updated information, the better the chance for one to be found or accessible in G+ / online Google search
Confession: Still permutation and combination with data and fields

7. Sharing content more frequently

Point: Google indexes shared G+ content very quickly even within less than 2 min.
Confession: This is applicable if you really want to become popular among your circle

8. Linked my personal blog with my G+ profile

Point: Add all the important channels to make a bridge in between online profiles
Confession: Done to certain extent

9. Transforming approach from being always proactive to sometime reactive

Point: The perfect blend will help enormously connect with people on G+ instantaneously
Confession: My ego is killing me

10. Start postings with shared publicly statue

Point: To take advantage of G+ Ripples feature optimally, one has to share posts publicly
Confession: Haven’t analyzed deeply my G+ social landscape yet

I suppose, G+ also require similar level of engagement just like people are with Facebook and Twitter.

I’m using G+ as networking tool but not a spamming tool; so again it’s now up to us whether we emulate this platform to money making machine instead.

Now, I hope, it’s pretty clear to us.. how to take advantage of Google Plus for SEO!


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