5 Principles of Responsive Web Design

Getting started with responsive design..

Everybody is talking about responsive design so do I. The point is here; almost all people know that, this is the time to embrace responsive design. However, only a few knows well, where to start and how?

Fundamentals of Responsive Web Design

I suppose, reviewing the following keys will help to certain extent all since I’ve considered them in my cases and got tremendous return..

  1. First and foremost thing – analysis of user behavior, analysis of actual requirements, and analysis of historical data to understand the goal and identify the way to achieve that goal
  2. Mobile should be at the central point, so start thinking of UX/UI accordingly
  3. CSS3 is a must ingredient because of media queries, help transforming content based on conditions
  4. Speed is important, so must not compromise cheaply
  5. Make it such a way so that it’s become easily digestible to the users – take special care on each and every small details like, readability, color scheme, button size, menu icons, screen orientations etc.

These are some common factors while considering a responsive design however important enough to keep in mind so that will help you get started with responsive design.


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