App Usability & Website User Optimization Analysis

My refined user friendly search engine optimized checklist for web..

Web Usability and User Optimization Analysis

Doesn’t matter how search engines are pushing us towards paid marketing strategically, SEO remains one of the most lucrative areas for investment to generate non-paid marketing.

The thing is like that – each and every web properties should be easy to understand and crawl easily to satisfy search engines and searchers.

So, it’s not going to deliver you optimum result (when you’re creating and sharing some compelling content for your intended audience) unless the web property is not technically supportive enough.

The basic of SEO centric design and development is technical so it’s important to have –

  1. Properly formatted and meaningful URL structure
  2. Load time is under control
  3. Appropriate internal navigation and link structure
  4. Source code optimization (use of scripts/css/and each and every other entities)
  5. Use of schema mark-up for semantic search sensibly

Use of tools like Google and Bing Webmasters for more insights is essential.

By applying the above points logically, you’ll also able to automatically improve user experience of the web property to certain extent.

The thing is like that – the more usable it is, the more acceptable it will be to the search engines.

So, one has to –

  1. Think like end users (or hire people) to test certain case scenarios
  2. Use of any analytics software will help to determine UX/UI issues with the property
  3. Follow your closest competitors and market trends for further insights

We should overlook neither user experience nor search engine friendliness while designing and developing a web property.

Keeping in mind these basics of optimization will help one enormously in order to extract optimum return from a content marketing process.

So, create your own individual task manager today for all your different projects to provide optimum website and app usability!


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