Why and how to measure SEO progress in Google Analytics?

Okay, I’m start with “how” and then “why” will automatically get exposed.

Taking help of Google Analytics data has now become a norm for measurement of success, to prove SEO efforts over ROI.

Here is how I’m keep using Google Analytics to see the progress of SEO work –

  • Audience analysis: Check to see whether there is any sudden changes in “New vs. Returning”, “Frequency & Recency”, and “Engagement” related data
  • Mobile device usage: Measure conversions of SEO campaigns with the changes in mobile, tablet, and desktop device usage
  • Acquisition overview: Analysis of traffic flow from channels as a result of SEO effort
  • Behavior analysis: Overview landing page performance, page load time report, and events flow
  • Conversion data monitoring: Review goals and data associated with multi-channel funnels

These are just a few very basic (yet meaningful) metrics you want to monitor.

Of course there are many more things you can do in Google Analytics to get the insights of your work.

But that required advanced level of understanding about slicing-n-dicing of Analytics data.

Keeping eye on these easy to find Analytics data-sets will also power you to provide a easy to understand report card for your clients to justify your work.

Once client start seeing the effects of your work in Google Analytics in terms of reaching goals, it will be easier for you too to retain the client for long term.

Hence proved that –

  • Why good SEOs never afraid of using Google Analytics?
  • Why measuring SEO efforts in Google Analytics is one of the safest ways?
  • Why to take help of Google Analytics for managing SEO work?

Explore the Google Analytics data to run data-driven SEO campaigns and reach the project goals consistently.


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