How to recycle content for marketing?

I now know that, planned re-purposing of content drives traffic.

However, no sure how many of you actually are leveraging the power of recycled content.

Basically the concept is old wine in new bottle. That means, use old content and distribute on various platforms in quest of new customers.

But the big question is how?

So here I’m sharing most profitable ways of driving quality traffic through content recycling from my latest project.

  • Transformed some old text-based blogs into video and uploaded to YouTube
  • Converted some old text-heavy blog content to presentation and uploaded to SlideShare
  • Modified some old blog posts to case studies for Facebook campaign
  • Also reshaped the existing content with Q&A pattern to appear in Google knowledge graph
  • Upgraded some with latest updates, facts and figures

I’ve got considerable amount of success by doing these. However I haven’t got any success overnight. I had to do a lot of permutation and combination. I spent a lot with the content writers and designers. I had to analyse a lot before select which one will give us most from YouTube or Facebook etc.

These are just a few ways to re-purpose old content which worked for me. There are more for your online marketing strategy to drive traffic.

Study the web, chalk out a plan and start executing as I did.

Feel free to share your success story about recycled content for driving traffic.


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