Content Recycling: 5 Ways to Drive Traffic

Traffic and content..

Yes! More or less, we all aware about the fact that, content drives traffic. However, I’m bit curious to know how many marketer are actually using optimally the real power of content recycling in digital marketing?

Increase website traffic by recycling your old content

Old wine in new bottle. Recycling old content and distribute on various platforms in quest of new visitor turned customers.

5 ways to drive traffic through content recycling..

  1. Transform text into multimedia; say a video or audio file
  2. Try converting text content to PPT presentation or even an infographic
  3. Think about PDF and Whitepapers as well
  4. Or reshape the existing content with Q&A pattern or interviews
  5. Else upgrade the existing content with latest updates

These are just a few popular ways to recycle content as part of my online marketing strategy for driving traffic to the websites.

HubSpot has a good post on the same.

Do let me know if you’ve found any new ways to market old content for driving traffic.


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