Google Analytics: 3 Easy to Track Ecommerce KPI

Transform the Google Analytics data to make meaningful information for taking knowledgeable decision on enhancement of ecommerce performance..

3 Key Google Analytics Metrics to Measure Ecommerce Performance

My way of tracking ecommerce performance using Google Analytics..

  1. Keep tabs on number of unique purchases in order to identify purchase habit of the customers
  2. Review time to purchase (both days and sessions to transaction) data for determining precise remarketing strategy
  3. Analyze source/medium since traffic flow has direct impression on marketing goals

Am I overlooking anything? Share your Ecommerce analytics optimization process!

Importance of Google Analytics metrics to measure ecommerce performance..

Track activities and set KPIs to optimize website/app’s performance in Google Analytics. This needs to be done to see and analyze the each level of user interaction with any ecommerce platform.

Once I get familiar with ecommerce reporting process, slowly but surely starts admitting that, how important is Google Analytics to digital marketers for taking data driven decisions.

Look forward to more unique analytical approaches to help improve performance of ecommerce businesses!


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